Ashley Graham Is A Bombshell Babe With Her Untouched Lingerie Photos

Via Instagram

When it comes to mainstream media and body acceptance, the relationship is not quite there. Embracing the body in its true form has turned into a positive movement but there is still a part of the media that  believes in the “perfect body” model. According to Refinery29’s 67% Project, plus-size women (size 14 and up) are 67% of the United States, but only 1-2% are depicted in the media.

Ashley Graham is a model who has been advocating for body diversity and acceptance in the modelling industry and media. This is why her untouched lingerie photos for Vogue Italia were as empowering as always.


The photos send out a messages of self-love and body acceptance that need to be shared. Other celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski have also been spoken out against photoshop – the fact that it’s happened so often shows that it’s a problem. But these untouched photos shows that any body type can be loved presented in mainstream media and is a step in the right direction.





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