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Ambitious Girl: Tangina Stone

Hailing from the small town of Canton, Ohio but making her presence known worldwide, it’s evident that drive is one thing this songstress doesn’t lack. Aspiring to impact the world through the world through her music, Tangina Stone recognizes her purpose and hopes to bring change to our society with the release of her latest project: “ELEVATE”
Photographer: Daniel Vasquez
“ I knew that eventually my small town would stifle my creativity. It felt like life or death. I chose life. New York was life.”
From Ohio to NY….Was it worth it?
Absolutely worth it. I feel like my time in New York has taught me lessons that I wouldn’t have learned in any other place in the world. My skin is thicker. My back is straighter. I walk with purpose. Being in New York has helped me to become the best version of myself that I have ever been.
How did growing up in a small town affect you and the type of music you make? 
It affected me a lot. I knew as just a little girl that to be the person that I dreamt of being, and to learn the things that I wanted to learn in music, I would need to come to New York. But my hometown was and still is the foundation for all that I do. I was inspired by midwest music and culture. Most importantly I was inspired by my Grandfather’s music and the music he played. Everything motown. Old and new. By the time I was ten, I knew every one of the Temptations dance routines for every one of their songs. But my mom played 90’s r&b and hip hop. And her parents played 70’s and 80’s Rock&Roll. It all inspired me and still continues to.
How did you know NYC would be the best city to live in to take your career to new levels? 
All of the artists that I admire, and have been inspired by have spent a significant amount of time here. Their careers were impacted greatly by their time here.
What gave you the courage to move to NYC and pursue your dreams full time? 
It’s interesting what you can do when you tell yourself that you have no choice but to do it. I knew when I turned 18 that if I didn’t make the move and come to New York, I would never become who I wanted to become. I knew that eventually my small town would stifle my creativity. It felt like life or death. I chose life. New York was life.
Why do you love it? (Music)
I love it because it is the only thing that I feel like I can do every day for the rest of my life, and still be happy. Music is my passion. It is also my purpose.
First artist you fell in love with that inspired you to pursue music? 
The first would be Lauryn Hill. I remember sitting in my car seat in the back of my moms car rocking back and forth singing ” killing me saltyyyyy”. I did the best that I could with the lyrics lol. But those times really played a big part in forming my big dreams of pursuing music.
Overall Goal with your music? 
My overall goal is to use my music as a platform for my activism. To make a ton of money off of music and use that money to make REAL change in the world. To make a real IMPACT in the communities that I am apart of . To make as many people’s lives better, as I possibly can. For me, this is what it is all about.
Your most memorable moment in your career thus far? 
My most memorable moment would be recording a song for my album with one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations. Stay tuned for this on my upcoming album.
What’s next? 
What’s next is my upcoming album, “Elevate”. It will involve so much. It’s actually more than just an album. It is a story, and an experience that I hope will make a real impact on the world. It involves a lot of social and political commentary. With the current social and political climates of the world, I feel like it is an even more important time for “Elevate” to be shared.
7 words to inspire Young revolutionary women…. 
Growth hurts. You must keep doing it.

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