The 90s Looks Makes Its Way Back-To-School

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As summer break comes to an end, the back-to-school shopping craze begins once more. This year, 90s trends are easing their way into middle, high school, and colleges across the nation to bring back some classic looks.

Over the past year, fashion has seen a merger between new and old styles. Classic 90s styles such as crop tops, chokers, and ripped jeans (just to name a few) have become a staple once more in today’s world of fashion.

Bombshell has put together a list of 90s inspired fashion must-haves for the upcoming school year:

1. Pantsuit Prints :

The bold and the beautiful 90s prints are surely coming back to style.

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine UK


2. Overalls :

Will Smith wore them in “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and now you can catch Zendaya sporting them walking down the street.

Photo Credit: The Hunt


3. Denim Dresses and Jumpers :

Denim here, denim there, denim everywhere! Some ladies will go all out and wear a denim choker with their denim outfit.

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4. Oversized Jean Jackets :

Bombers are so yesterday! Oversized jean jackets have seized the day!

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5. Tracksuits :

Be comfy and fashionable at the same time.

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6.Crop Tops and High-waisted Jeans :

From tweens to 20 something year-olds, this trend varies through every age.

via Daily Mail


7. Box Braids :

It’s the hairstyle that can seamlessly carry on from the summer to the fall.


8. Neon Accents :

We’ve seen them on yoga pants and dresses. Neon accents are definitely a great statement.


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9. Chokers :

The hype of the choker is real! Kim K topped it off with a $1 million choker.

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10. Brown Lipstick :

Honestly, how did this ever go out of style? Brown lipstick is a great makeup statement.

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