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Living The ‘Shimmer Life’: Adiz Bambi On Giving Back, Love & Hip-Hop And Lil Scrappy!!

We were introduced to Adiz Bambi and her ‘Shimmer Life’ through her brief stint on VH1’s  Basketball Wives: LA!! The Compton, CA native built on her reality television fame by later joining the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta where her relationship with “Money in the Bank” rapper Lil Scrappy was a central story line during multiple seasons of the show.

Since making a name for herself in the reality TV world, the ‘Shimmer’ lifestyle has evolved and expanded to include Bambi’s many philanthropic endeavors, including her Shimmer Living Foundation. I recently caught up with the Bam – as Momma Dee refers to her – to discuss the foundation and her other efforts to give back. We also chatted about her future in television, including Love & Hip-Hop, and her relationship with Scrappy (check out the update below on those marriage rumors). Get the ‘SCOOP’ after the jump!!

Well initially, it kind of started with me just being a little bit – I’ve always have a lot of young girls around me, and just paying attention to their immediate needs. One of them was, you know, some of the girls just not feeling confident about themselves – like in the classrooms,so they wouldn’t participate. These are some of the things that the girls would open up to me about, and so once I started to realize that this was like a theme, like it was really common, I just wanted to do something to be able to help these girls feel more confident in the classroom so they’ll be able to participate more and be more successful.
Typically, we receive lots of emails, and people send us stories. Obviously, I can’t help as many people as I would like to, but even for the people we can’t donate a full wig to, we do give discounts to people who show that they have some type of issue where they’ve lost their hair. I know that’s kind of the last thing people think about is having to have that as an expense as well, so even if we’re not able to donate the entire wig for that particular person, we will give an amazing discount.
Well I’ve always been that person, and it wasn’t until a few years ago I said I’m just going to go ahead and make this a thing because my whole life, I’ve always wanted to help people, and have helped people on a smaller level, but I just feel like the more successful my business gets, the more I’m able to help other people. It’s pretty much a thing I do on a daily basis is try to figure out how I can help more people.  
I mean TV has definitely helped me evolve in a lot of different things I’m doing so yeah, I’m definitely open to doing more TV. At this point, ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ is not really fitting for a lot of things I have going on in my life, so I don’t think it would be that, but something else for sure.
He’s really putting forth a lot of effort right now, and I never really had a problem with him as a person. So we’re friends, and he’s trying to earn back a different title, and I’m here for it. I’m just seeing what he has to offer. I’m not really playing any games, but I’m just continuing on with my life the way that I’ve been, and I feel like if he’s really serious about moving forward with this relationship, then he’ll show it. And he has been, so we’ll see what happens.
UPDATE: In the time since this interview was done, news emerged that Bambi and Scrappy jumped the broom. I reached out to Bambi’s team to get the ‘SCOOP’, but according to Bambi’s rep, rumors that she and Scrappy exchanged vows aren’t true, but a wedding will be happening soon!! Whether it already happened or will happen in the future, congratulations to the happily reunited couple!!

‘The SCOOP’ On Kiss My Bundles Hair: A Product Review

If you’re a regular reader of this column, then you’re aware of my constant quest for quality hair for my weaves and wigs. My latest discovery is the Los Angeles based Kiss My Bundles Hair Company!!

Founded by self-proclaimed “weave lover” Felicia Williams, Kiss My Bundles Hair extensions start with high quality 100% human hair according to their website. The Kiss My Bundles team believes in making a long-term investment in great quality hair, as any woman should. The company guarantees their hair will last up to a year, at the least, with no shedding or tangling.

A long straight hair wig is my signature look, but this time I thought I’d try something different, so I requested Kiss My Bundle’s Exotic Wave hair (pictured). Typically, whenever I first receive a hair package, I run my brush through it to see if any strands come out (seriously, if quite a few strands come out of a fresh out the bundle hair, can you imagine how much shedding you’ll have to deal with down the road?), but since this hair was curly, my hairstylist and I did the bounce back test. During this test, you brush out some of the curls of one of the bundles. Then you spray it with a water and conditioner mix to see how well the waves “bounce back”. I was very impressed how the Kiss My Bundles hair passed the test with flying colors! 

My hairstylist did an amazing job making the wig, and he was very pleased with how easy it was to work with the wefts of the hair (if a weft is too thick, it makes securing the ends of each track onto the wig cap a difficult process). So far, I’ve worn my Kiss My Bundles wig a few times (I like to switch wigs a lot), and I love it, but keep checking this column for an update on how the hair is doing after some time has passed. Meanwhile, you can order your own Kiss My Bundles hair by visiting their website at KissMyBundlesHair.com!!

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