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Matt Jordan: In His Own Words, Part One (The Peter Thomas Fight)

We were first introduced to Matt Jordan through his relationship with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, which played out on national TV for everyone to judge. In the few years since then, things have taken a left turn for the Atlanta based physical trainer due to the tumultuous romance. During the most recent season of the show, viewers watched as Matt dealt with the rocky demise of his relationship with the former Miss USA. Meanwhile off-camera, trouble between Matt and Peter Thomas began brewing on social media.

In March, things reached a dramatic peak when a sit-down between Matt and Peter at a Charlotte, NC radio station became violent. Despite his efforts to block its release, a video of the fight hit the internet Friday, opening yet another can of worms. Wanting to find out his side of the story and what set him off during his face-to-face with Peter, I hopped on a call with Matt over the weekend. Not wanting any of his words to get misconstrued, I included everything he said about the situation in this article. This is Matt Jordan’s perspective…in his own words part one.


Yeah, that was probably not the best idea. It was the young lady at Radio One, the one in the fatigue jacket that was trying to break up the fight – it was actually her idea. It stems from a few days prior, I believe, when I went on Instagram Live, and I reluctantly used the word ‘coaching’ when I said Peter and Todd were talking to me. They both then went on Live on a later date, and I believe Peter did a video and he said I was soft. After that, this young lady contacted me, and I don’t follow what’s going on in like the media and television and social media, so I had no idea. The young lady sent me an email and said, ‘Do you want to come do an interview and respond to Peter?’ And I’m like, ‘Hold on, what’s going on? Respond to Peter?’ And then I had to ask somebody else like, ‘Hey, did Peter say something about me? I don’t get what’s going on. The last time I checked, we were cool.’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, he called you soft on Instagram or something.’  And I’m like, ‘Oh, okay. Alright.’ So I go find it, and I checked it out, ad that was when I made the post about him and Todd, basically saying they were both getting closer to getting slapped. And the young lady sent me the request to do the interview in Charlotte, and I told her absolutely, I would do the interview.

However, I didn’t want to do a phone interview because it would be chopped up and the segment would be shorter. I said there was a lot that took place on Real Housewives that I feel like people needed to understand about my relationship, so she said, ‘You can come here and do a video interview, or we could sit for 45 minutes to an hour.’ I said, ‘Perfect.’ She said, ‘I don’t want to blindside you, but I’m going to invite Peter.’ ‘That’s perfect,’ I said. ‘Because I feel like as men that know each other and that has each other’s phone number personally, we should be able to pull up on one another, sit down, and talk about any discrepancies that we may have.’ So she said, ‘Okay, okay.’ So then she reached out to him, and he declined. Mind you he was just in the studio a few days or so prior, he’d just did an interview, and he declined. And she replied back to me, and told me he’d declined, then I contacted him immediately via text message, and basically told him how I felt. We exchanged words over the text message, went back-and-forth, and then the next morning…I drove to Charlotte for the interview; the next morning, bright and early, the girl contacted me and said, ‘Hey, Peter accepted.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ At that point, I was a little bit reluctant because…I had a chance to sort out my thoughts, and I’d said you know what? It’s not going to be a good idea. I’m going to waste my interview arguing with Peter when I deal with so much with my relationship that was worthy of talking about. You understand what I’m saying? Not with somebody that I really don’t have any connection, relationship with, like nothing. So that’s how we ended up in the station ‘cause I guess she just wanted the confrontation, but nobody planned on it going that direction I guess.


It was a few things that were said about Kenya…my relationship with Kenya. Again, I don’t check all of this stuff. I don’t know if just the fight is aired, or did they show the entire interview because it was like two or three times when he basically…what’d he say…oh, he said, ‘Kenya played me. She used you.’ Just anything with, you know what I mean, my ex, that was a huge trigger for me. He was basically speaking as if Kenya had no real interest in me outside of just using me as her boyfriend on that platform. And you know that kind of cut deep, from anybody, you know what I’m saying? When my real life relationship, my real heavy relationship was manipulated for something other than the intention of real love. So he said a few things like that.


I’m really not going to speak on any of that – you know why? I’m the only one with the criminal charge from that altercation. I’m not the type to press charges on a man after a physical confrontation. We both acting reckless, we both was handling our business man – it went the way it went. I told Peter I was going to call him the night before and we could settle it. And I tried to, I attempted to several times – text messages, phone calls. I said, ‘I’m here in Charlotte – you can meet me here.’ Of course, I didn’t get any response. I wanted to handle it minus women, radios, blogs, video, just the little nonsense, you know what I’m saying? I thought we was past that at that point. Uh, yeah, he had a knife – he had a box cutter. That’s why his hand was in his pocket the whole time. I didn’t have no knife – I don’t feel like I need a knife, you understand what I’m saying, for…just to knuckle up and handle your business, especially for a 60-year-old man. Um, yeah, your man had a box cutter. [laughs] Yeah, he had a box cutter, that was why the altercation went the way it went – that is why he wanted the footage to be aired. See you gotta understand when I went around the young lady, that was when he pulled the knife, but he pulled it by his waistline. Instead of normally when you see somebody pull a knife, they pull it down, you know, to their side – you straighten your arm, I guess I’m saying. He hid it in his pocket, and then he pulled it out at the last minute. As you can see during the altercation, my focus is on the knife – I’m trying to get the knife. Once I got stabbed in the hand, then my focus went from the knife to him because I knew me jumping on the table and all of that, they’re going to be like, ‘Oh Peter was moving you; Peter threw you. He had you in a headlock.’ I knew the way it was going to look on camera because see I’m fighting Peter and a knife. You see what I’m saying? But I’m a warrior – I’ve been in way worse situations than that. I’ve been stabbed twice, I’ve been jumped several times, I’ve been knocked unconscious, pistol whipped – I’ve only fought two men that actually put their feet down, balled up their fists and had a fair fight with me, so I expected that kind of behavior from Peter.


I got a laceration on my middle finger and a frozen tendon. I can’t move my middle finger – I have to get surgery. Yeah, he stabbed me in the knuckle as I was trying to get the knife from his hands.

[At this point, I mentioned to Matt that it pained me to watch two black men fighting, to which he responded:]

I’ve never been a fan of reality TV because I always felt like the individuals that participated never took responsibility for their platform. They would say stuff like, ‘Oh, this is just my life and my personal situation.’ But your personal situation everyone’s watching. So I totally understand how it hurts you to see two brothers going at it. Again, I gave him the opportunity for us to handle it like men privately the night before. I said, ‘Brother pull up.’ I have the text messages where I offered for him to come meet me somewhere, and it wasn’t in a way where I wanted it to be violent even the night prior. I didn’t want it to be violent, but at this point, I just will tell you this – I won’t be disrespected by anybody on this planet repeatedly. Male, female, gay, straight, lesbian, purple, black, orange, old or young. I will not be disrespected, so I’m sorry we had to go there, but Peter’s been disrespectful since I met him. Remember in Jamaica, he’s been being disrespectful since then, and I’ve been patient.


Yeah, the reason being…see I came up to Charlotte to salvage my image, and I will forward you the text messages that I sent to the young lady. I feel like authentically the girl has a good heart, but I know within media, the position that you guys are in as publicists and bloggers and interview whatever the word is, she instigated the situation a lot. She manipulated the words a lot in the interview. She twisted and turned things a lot. As you can see in that one short clip where she said, ‘You said Peter and Todd always get a chance to talk.’ And I said, ‘No I didn’t. I didn’t tell you that.’ And every time I spoke, the young lady just took my words totally out of context. That also frustrated me. But I say that to say, yeah, I did attempt to get the video blocked for one reason, and one reason only – my brand. So you got Matt acting crazy on ‘Real Housewives’ – he’s breaking stuff, he’s yelling, he’s this, he’s violent. And now you got actual video proof of it. See I can’t blame this on Kenya, I can’t blame this on editing, I can’t blame this on ‘Real Housewives’, you understand what I’m saying? That was all me. So at that point I’m like, ‘All this crap is not a good look. It’s too much, it’s too much going on now.’ You know what I mean? It’s one thing you can always blame it on television, but this was straight raw, you know what I mean? And I left the radio station abruptly, and the young lady contacted me when I was on the highway. And like I said, I’ll forward you the text messages – she contacted me while I was on the highway and said, ‘Can I meet you somewhere? We need to meet.’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t do police.’ And she said, ‘No, no, no, we just need you to sign a release form. We need you to sign a waiver.’ And then I said, ‘Oh, okay. Can you just fax it to me somewhere?’ And she was just in such a rush – like she just wanted to show bad, and her thirst set off a red alert in my head, and I said oh I get what she’s trying to do. She’s trying to get the footage out immediately. And that’s when I was like, ‘On second thought, nah, I’m not going to meet you nowhere. I’m tired of ya’ll using and manipulating me, and using my image as just a piece of trash. No, and I refuse to sign the waiver, which to this day, I still have not signed a waiver or release for the to use my image in any kind of way.

I just felt like my brand and my image is, and still is, struggling, and a video of me getting into a violent altercation doesn’t help. But that coupled with Peter’s campaign for oh I got the best of Matt’ and then me falling silent made the masses believe oh, he got beat up. Oh sh*t Matt, you must’ve caught an L because you don’t want the video out, you haven’t said anything back, you know what I’m saying? But what you guys need to understand is Matt is the only one with a criminal charge. I’m from a place where when you get the police involved, you shut up now, you see what I’m saying? So it’s cute for Peter to run around, TMZ and the real overweight lady from StraightFromTheA, make sure you put that in there, and propagate and talk and say ‘Oh yeah, I got the best of him.’ You not the one with criminal charges, you see, I am. So no, you guys won’t be getting anything form me. You won’t get a comment, you won’t get a response because at the end of the day you pressed charges – you trying to put somebody in jail. Period, that’s what you’re trying to do. Especially our situation as men, we could have just handled it like men. So yeah, I did try to get it blocked because like I said, even right now still, my image is struggling sis, I’m drowning.


No, I was the bastard child. [laughs] I was the red-headed step-child. First off, clearly, I’m not a woman, so I’m not in contract. And number two, I’m a guy, and then I’m a guy that’s not married. The other, I think two, two men that are on the show at least were married at some point or whatever, and I was the baby of the bunch, you know what I mean? I’m the rookie. I’m the youngest, and I’m the youngest with the least time on the show, so you know, even Todd and Peter have been around – they’ve been there for more than three or four seasons. No, I don’t talk to anybody. Todd was my man, for real, like that was my dude, but those things that transpired put some real strain on us getting real cool. So no, I don’t talk to anybody, at all. Like nobody. I never really got close to any of the ladies because my ex got like a strange relationship with everybody, so I never knew any of the ladies like that. I would always say hi, or give them a hug when we were in the same rooms, but the fellas…like I said, me and Todd were cool, and me and Peter were cool, but once everything spilled out, it put a strain on me and Todd relationship, so we don’t speak. 

In part two, Matt discusses his relationship with Kenya and not being invited to participate in the reunion show. Stay tuned….

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